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Coach Travis

coach travis

Dear Tom, Ted and Pam, Lee, Leo, Lowry, Luke and Ani, Michael, and Shawna,

Coach Travis is a Coach Across America member in Chicago. Coach Across America (CAA) is an AmeriCorps program launched by Up2Us to provide its member organizations with the support needed to train and host highly effective coaches in sports and youth development.

Travis grew up in the inner of Chicago like many of the youth he works with.  He recalls the struggles he had in school until he got involved in sports and other extracurricular activities. Coach Travis said being involved empowered him and gave him life skills he wants to share with his students.

“My goal is to build a connection with youth that will allow them to gain a sense of dedication and commitment that allows them to feel as great about themselves as I do them,” Coach Travis said.

Thanks to your donation Coach Travis can continue to inspire and empower kids through sports.

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